Che Guevara T-Shirts?

Am I a curmudgeon? Maybe. As I get on in years and am in the full throes of middle age, I find that other people are starting to really bug me. Well, not quite bug.  Actually, I am starting to despise a lot of people. I don’t mean specific people, though there are plenty of those that disgust me. No, I mean certain archetypes or classes of people.

There are a few blogs out there that want to be inspirational. They tell you how awesome life is. They extol the virtues of rainbows and clouds, puppies, and feeling sand on your feet. Ugh, they make me sick. Rainbows are preceded by rain, clouds cause bad weather, puppies crap all over the place and sand gets in your damn shoes causing you to get those lovely little blisters. There is nothing so awesome in life that we cannot soil by pointing out the downside.

And it is to this misanthropy that this blog is dedicated. It is dedicated to pointing out those people that we all love to hate or at least that we should, and to dousing all those happy thoughts with a healthy dose of realism and skepticism. To making everyone else as sick and tired of their fellow man as I am. If you are a fellow misanthrope, then you probably know full well about the special type of moron that is the subject of our first column.

You miscreants out there that wear Che Guevara t-shirts–you get the honor of being first. If you are so stupid as to wear a Che shirt it is probably the only time in your sad existence that you will be first. How dumb, ignorant and just simply clueless do you have to be to show your support to a murderous, socialist psychopath in the name of fashion? You have to be a complete and utter imbecile, but there is no shortage of those out there. We even have movies from pseudo-intellectual movie directors idolizing and lionizing this homicidal thug.

What is next? Perhaps a Chairman Mao shirt to honor the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, with their millions of lives snuffed out? Or how about a Pol Pot shirt? Or maybe these are too intellectual for you; perhaps you need a lower speed like a John Wayne Gacy shirt; though for his part I bet Gacy only dreamed of murdering as many people as Che.

Who was Che Guevara? He was a man who boasted, among his many career lowlights:

-Training Castro’s firing squads that murdered thousands.

-Executing hundreds of Batista supporters after the overthrow of that regime.

-Executing 2,500 additional citizens by firing squad upon his entrance into Cuba in 1959.

-Causing widespread disease, death and famine after being put in charge of the “economy.”

What is even worse and more distasteful is the smugness of these people, who say “he was a revolutionary,” ignoring the innocent blood of men, women and yes, children, spilled to suit the whims of this so-called revolutionary. Making war criminals and terrorists into fashion statements; if there is a group of people deserving of our hate, here they are.


One Response to “Che Guevara T-Shirts?”

  1. Patrick, if you don;t tell us what you really think, how are we to know your actual position?

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