9-11 Truthers

Ignorance of science is a dangerous thing. Too often in America we ignore science in education, choosing instead to bolster our kids’ self esteem, as if it is a given right to love yourself for doing nothing. Well, this blog will do its part to disabuse people of the notion that they are worthy of self esteem; most people do not deserve it, especially this weeks target.

We live in a society where 43% of highschoolers have A averages going into college, even though SAT scores are dropping. And they even added 100 points to everyone’s SAT scores anyway just to make these failures feel better. Who cares whether it is deserved? This is a society where third-world countries do better at science and math, despite spending one tenth of what we do on education, and have class sizes that are triple ours. This is a society where 70% of kids think they are good at math when they cannot even do basic algebra going into college.

What does this lead to? It leads to a lot of targets for The Misanthrope. It leads to religious fanaticism. It leads to failure of our political system, and our banking system. It leads to rampant political partisanship by people who cannot even spell their own name but feel strong enough in their ignorance to opine on the role of economic policy. It leads to ridiculous conspiracy theories, like our next target: 9-11 Truthers.

You know who you are. I thought we were done with you Truthers and your feeble-minded compatriots. But now you can be nominated to positions in the Federal government.  See, kids, you too can learn nothing, be ignorant and spout off nonsensical drivel and you can earn 120K in the Cabinet like Van Jones. Isn’t that a great gig?

Truthers are the lowest of the low; some of the most odious human beings in the world, and absolutely some of the most imbecilic, ignorant people on the planet. And I don’t care what your pedigree is, or what college you went to; even someone with an MIT degree can be a dummy. Proof of that is the number of supposedly well-educated Truthers.

Let’s just deal with the scientific parts of their theory, and leave for another day the fact that they are a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

Controlled demolition. Truthers claim that the Towers were the subject of a controlled demolition. I was surprised by this when I first heard of it, since it seemed strange that someone who believed this could use a four-syllable word. I was expecting grunts. “How could a plane crashing into the 100th floor cause an explosion 80 floors below,” the theory goes.

Jet fuel is a liquid. Do you know what happens to liquids? They seek the lowest points. There is this pesky little thing called gravity. And what would happen to liquid that went into an elevator shaft? I will give you three guesses, though if you are a Truther perhaps you need five guesses.

How could the steel melt? This is one of my favorite asinine objections by Truthers. If jet fuel only burns at 800-1500 degrees and steel only melts at over 2500 degrees, how did the towers collapse? This is the question these morons ask while taking a break from their required internet course “Your Ass From a Hole in the Ground, A Comparative Study.”

Like any other substance, steel neednt melt in order to lose its structural, load-bearing properties. It only needs to be compromised. In fact, at 1100 degrees it loses more than half of its load-bearing ability. 1100 degrees you say? Right in the middle of the 800-1500 degree heat of burning jet fuel you say? Wow, it is almost as if burning jet fuel could have caused the steel to lose its load-bearing capability, causing the building to collapse.

The Holes in the Pentagon. Truthers usually claim that the plane that crashed into the Pentagon should have left a bigger hole. Some even question why the hole looked like an explosion and not a plane. One site even asks how a 125foot plane can fit into a 16 foot hole.

Apparently Truthers learned their physics from the Coyote and the Roadrunner. Yes, I will admit that when Wile E. Coyote falls into the ground he leaves an outline of his shape as the hole. Sadly though, this is not how physics works in real life.

A plane is essentially a big, thin tube of air and gasoline. The wings of a plane and the hull do not form a solid mass; the wings are attached separately, which means that they can easily break off, and that is what happened. Video shows a wing hitting the ground; the other was knocked off at impact. Attachment points, like knots in a rope, are the weakest points.

A big tube of air will not go through a concrete building like a bullet passing through a melon. It is not heavy enough or strong enough. If you dont believe me try throwing a tin can against your wall. That is essentially what we had here, granted on a much larger scale.

Additionally, solids will liquefy upon a high-energy impact. Whether this happened at the Pentagon is beyond my ability to prove, but it has been reported by other physicists that this conversion almost certainly happened, at least in part, at the moment the plane hit the Pentagon. And since they are physicists and not arm-chair kibitzers running Truther blogs with cheeto-stained shirts in their Mom’s basement, I tend to give them some credibility.

We could go on like this, but there is no need. The question I have is why is it that the most ignorant people usually speak the loudest? At least they can feel secure in a society where they are rewarded with a right to self esteem no matter how puerile they are. Truthers should feel free to look up the word puerile, I am sure you have never heard it before.


2 Responses to “9-11 Truthers”

  1. On page 127 of “Your Ass from a Hole in the Ground, a Comparative Study,” the author elaborates on physical properties of steel. Even a cursory study would lead one to conclude that malleability, ductility, elasticity, and shear strength would supersede the single property of load-bearing ability, which can only be determined via in vitro studies. This would, therefore, preclude your premise of any steel structure collapsing at anything below 2500 degrees.
    And what are you, an elitist? I spent four labor intensive years and over $100,000 to obtain my BS degree in Physics at the University of Canis latrans and Geococcyx californianus. And although the roadrunner is a member of the Cuculidae family, that is no reason to label alumni of such a fine school as cuckoo.
    As a matter of fact, over 50% of us are now enrolled in advanced graduate studies at the prestigious Tom and Jerry College.
    As for numismatic study, it is common knowledge that most Truthers have been brought up with the likes of Gabreath, Smith, Keynes, Bastiat, Menger, et.al. So even with such a difficult name to spell as mine, I do feel confident to opine eloquently about economics.
    And just because I spent the last two hours imprecating you with the worst evil, does not make me a religious zealot.
    Next. I suppose, you’ll be implying I am a birther.

  2. The Misanthrope Says:

    nice one!!

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