Religious Hate and the Westboro Baptist Church

Why is it that so many religions foment hate? I sure wish I knew, but that this statement is true is a sad fact of life.

We are not anti “religious people” in general in this blog. We are anti-hypocrites in this blog. We are against the church as an institution, not against its individual true followers and believers. Many people that claim to be religious fall squarely into the rubric of “hypocrites.” But many do not. So we attack only those people who are hypocrites, those who use religion as a sword when it is to their benefit but ignore it when convenient and those who try and cheat the very God they claim to worship. You know who you and they are.

But sometimes we have to spew our vitriol at not just an institution but at the people who comprise that institution. Every single one of them. And the Westboro Baptist Church is a prime example.

There is no more disgusting group of people who claim to be religious than this veritable sea of human pond scum. They offer no message other than hate. Their members are nothing more than the most vile, pernicious type of human flotsam. And they do it for the same reason as every other type of human scum, for power, money and ego.

The Westboro Baptist Church, for anyone that does not know, is a so-called church in Kansas that exists for one reason only: to spew hatred to homosexuals. Their website is And they pursue their message of despair with the single-mindedness of a shark on the prowl but with the small brain to match. In fact these people aspire one day, with hard work and study, to become merely stupid. Let’s hope most of them get there.

Some of their more famous acts are:

–          Protesting the recent coal mine disaster in West Virginia. Why would someone protest a mass death by accident you ask? Because West Virginia is too tolerant of “alternative lifestyles.” Oh yeah, and God caused the coal mine collapse they claim, as punishment for this sin. Just as He did in 2006 at another mine.

–          They coerce children like the eight-year-old child of one Shelly Roper stomp on the American Flag during protests, leading to criminal charges in Nebraska.

–          They picketed the funeral of a slain American Hero, Matthew Snyder, with signs saying that they thank God for dead soldiers.

–          They protested the plane crash in Buffalo for similar reasons to the above.

Yes, there is no site of human misery that is safe from these jackals and vultures.

They are not alone in using religious hatred as a perverted entrée into the political process. We have religious wars all over the world in the name of political power. While their brand of protest is far more disgusting than most, at least it is just free speech. Other religious institutions are far worse.

Other so-called religions use women and children as bombs and pursue genocide in foreign countries while we in America sit at home idly by. We sit by as one group states its intent to wipe another off the map purely because of religious hatred and no one cares.

Americans are so afraid of conflict in general that Bill Clinton refused to use the military to intercede in Rwanda, calling the horror there “acts of genocide” but not ‘genocide.” Why? Because genocide requires the use of force under UN standards.  And yet the murderers claimed “divine inspiration” for their genocide. Thank God the White Fathers of the Catholic Church taught that one tribe was superior to the other. The Roman Catholic Church would not even bother to condemn the massacre.

So we, as Americans, allow this religious hatred to grip the world in its horrible tentacles. And we do nothing. Our fear of conflict is fertilizer for such hatred. It feeds on it like a vampire on human blood. This is how groups like the Westboro Baptist Church gain footholds, recruits, publicity and air time on radio stations and television. This is how we end up with religious genocide, terrorist attacks and horrible mistreatment of women across the globe. We sit back and do nothing while people die and hate spreads.

Americans will put up with any amount of death and despair to brown people around the world or any other people that are different from us as long as everyone in our country has TVs, microwave ovens and cell phones, as even the poorest in this country do. How cares if millions are murdered in Africa and around the world? We need Universal Health Care and carbon credits!

This is my fault, your fault and our fault and no amount of self-justification or twisted logic can change that fact, though I can almost see the tortured wheels turning in people’s brains as they try to justify why they are right.

How do we change this? Republicans must stop using these small-minded dimwits as part of their political base. Let them form a third-party if they want. But no self-respecting conservative or Republican should put up with this nonsense. Deny these people entry into the political process. Stop courting them, even if it means a short term loss. And while I am being Pollyanna:

Democrats need to stop being anti-war. War is not always wrong. We cannot sit idly by while religious hatred leads to far worse consequences than a war. If you think that allowing genocide in Rwanda was the right thing then I feel sorry for you. You are even more pitiable if you think that the issue did not concern us. My opinion, for what it is worth, is that we have an obligation to use our military to stop this type of horror when needed. This is not Imperialism, it is compassion, though in a strange guise to be sure.

Churches should be taxed. A blanket tax on any church is the only solution, and this is not an original idea. The time has come. If the church wants to influence policy let them pay for the privilege. Let their income be taxed just like any other corporation. James Madison believed churches should be taxed, and he was right. And before you stupidly cry “separation of church and state” please read the Constitution.

But these will never happen. Few people have the stomach to do what is right in favor of what is easy. Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives all want power, just like the institution of religion. The Right assuages itself by saying that religious zealots are a necessary evil. The Left succors itself by claiming that war is wrong, when really they are just afraid to fight for something.


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