LeBron James and ESPN’s “The Decision”

LeBron James is exactly the type of person this blog is all about: the person that is so starved to gain attention that he or she will literally do almost anything to get someone to notice him or her. We, as a species, are so starved for attention and the envy of others that it is a sickening flaw. The difference is that very few have the platform that LeBron has.

When you show off your Tag Heuer or Rolex or your thousand-dollar clothes no one cares but you, no matter what you might think. You drive down the street in your expensive car and get the pity of any sane person, who will think “what moron spends 75,000 on a fucking car?” You are bullshitting yourself that you are better than others because of material wealth. But at least you do not have an hour-long ESPN special on your latest car purchase.

LeBron is human flotsam at its nth level. Make no mistake about that. For all of his gifts he is the most pitiable self-aggrandizer. Even worse is that he has thousands if not millions of enablers. Why is he different that Kevin Durant? Why is he different than Dwayne Wade? Those men know they are not bigger than the game. They do not have cavern-sized holes in their soul that only sycophantic followers and enablers will fill. They are men; LeBron is a sad little boy dressed up in men’s clothes.

And he will pay the price. He is poised to become the object of ridicule, and I cannot wait. Wherever he goes others will hate him with every bit of the vehemence that he deserves. LeBron has made a Faustian bargain, like Barry Bonds.

Admittedly I am not an NBA fan, but I find this whole ordeal somewhat fascinating. Why do people care so much? Why do I get emails every single day on the story? Why do people care so much about a contemptible little boy like LeBron? It is a sad commentary that so many people care. So many people are so desperate for him to sign with their team.

Here is a news flash: your life will be no better if your team signs him. You may think it will be; perhaps you will get an extra few seconds of happiness every day when and if the Knicks get him and win. But you are still rooting for a logo; you are rooting for laundry. You will still have the same problems in your life, your job will still suck, the country will still be at war and we will still have an economy in the shitter.

The only real difference is that you will be enabling this pathetic human being whose rotting soul is hidden by a big smile and huge talent. You will be the grist for his self-esteem. He will be using you and your desperation for distraction from the problems of everyday life like an addict uses needles.

If you are planning on watching the sad spectacle of the ESPN broadcast “The Decision,” I want you to think about it for a second and ask yourself why. And if you still decide to watch then you deserve scorn, pity and enmity for being unable to face your delusions and do something about it. Don’t cave in to your desperation and enable this tall, whining, pathetic jackass of a man.


2 Responses to “LeBron James and ESPN’s “The Decision””

  1. “Why is he different than Dwayne Wade?” you ask. He’s not. In fact, Wade and Bosh had a similar on-air announcement planned, but LeBron knew about it and leaked it to the media. So they had to come clean. LeBron wasn’t the only one planning this kind of shenanigans. Further, Kobe did this EXACT same thing back in 2004. He had teams that had NO shot at signing him flying across the country to deliver their ‘pitch’. He even had a 12 noon presser for his ‘announcement’. People have very short memories.

    I am not, by any means, a LeBron apologist, as this whole circus is just ridiculous. Especially considering he leaked Wade and Bosh’s intentions to the media so he could have the spotlight to himself. But let’s not pretend he’s the first, or likely last, primadonna to perpetrate such dramatics for the benefit of his own ego.

  2. jimmyjewels Says:

    This is my first blog post i’ve read of yours and your absolutely right. Entertainment is nothing more than a distraction. I’m a newly converted misanthrope and living enough life has shown me, PEOPLE SUCK!!!

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