Female Priests are the Equivalent of Child Abusers? Welcome to Today’s Church

What is wrong with the Catholic Church? The Holy See has said that ordaining women as priests is a grave crime, putting it in the same category as sexual abuse of children and heresy. Well, I guess we will have women priests shortly, as the pope basically allowed sexual abuse to go unpunished. Perhaps we will see a mass ordination of female priests and have a big cover-up, as the Church has shown little to no compunction over the abuse of minors.

If you are a Catholic and are against the ordination of women, then answer this question: why is it acceptable for women to be saints but not priests? Women are important enough to be canonized and recognized as saints, but they cannot say a Mass?

This pope has been such a disgrace, and has given the Church an even blacker eye than it already had, if such a thing was possible.

Other denominations allow women to be priests, and yet we see Pope Benedict doing his damndest to bring the Church back to the 16th century. As a lapsed Catholic, baptized but not practicing, stories like this make me happy. The Catholic Church has been a stain on civilization for far too long and perhaps it will take an outcry from other Catholics or a simple lack of men willing to become priests to get the Church to recognize what is right.

I am not sure how or why anyone believes in a religion that actively subjugates one human being to another, and there are no shortage of those. Thankfully, though, the majority of religious people I know are not at all like the Church itself, though some are. Most are regular people who do not agree with everything the Church teaches, and thank God for that, otherwise we can rightly call then cannibalistic vampires (eating flesh and drinking blood is a central tenet of the Catholic Church).

Believe it or not there was a time when priests were allowed to get married, up until the 19th century. There was a time when priests were not required to be celibate. Those times may return.

As usual, I have a theory on why the Church has become increasingly insane as its membership has both declined precipitously and become increasingly liberal. I wonder whether the Church recognizes that it is dying. People are losing their faith in untold numbers. Young people, rightly, do not identify themselves as religious. Even most Catholics disagree with the Church and are disgusted by its ethical flaws. So how does the Church, as an institution, respond?

They selected Pope Benedict precisely because he was instrumental in the cover-up of the Church’s sex crimes, and because he was a strict constructionist in terms of doctrine. Like the circling of covered wagons, the institution is covering up and trying to go back to its roots before it goes the way of the dodo. While the masses are moving away, the true believers become more fervent, more rabid and stricter.

So we see the Religious Right gain more power in this country, we see them rally behind someone like Sarah Palin, who wants to make the law reflect the Ten Commandments. We see the attack of basic science and attempts to teach myth as fact. We have a group that so represses sexuality and vice that the men who make up its public face commit unspeakable crimes.

The institution of the Church has become like a cornered animal; it doesn’t have the will to do what is right so it misguidedly selects a terrible human being as its leader, and as the face of God. It doesn’t know what else to do.

But one thing the Church is good at is lining its wallet, and that will eventually cause a change. Change will come not because of any moral reason or reinterpretation of the Bible. It will happen because of its pursuit of their real God, the one that they collect every week.


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