Happy Meals and Parental Responsibility

This week I came across the following story. Yes there are people who think that McDonalds and other companies unfairly “target” children. There are so many moronic problems with this ridiculous statement that it boggles the mind. Of course, whenever parents get a chance to blame their kids’ problems on someone other than themselves they will jump at the chance. So many parents that I know do exactly this and they are truly undeserving to raise children.

Look at the headline; it asks whether McDonalds “lure(s)” children. That word has strong connotations in the internet age, bringing to mind perverts on the internet luring kids for the purposes of molestation. And in the minds of some people the two are roughly equivalent. And to you people in San Francisco and Santa Clara that support these bans, every one of you is a fucking stupid moronic asshole of the worst kind and do not deserve to be parents or raise children.

What does it mean to “target” children? When people say that companies “target” children what are they saying, exactly? They are saying that the company tailors its advertising to meet a market. Well, duh. How brain-dead can a person be to think that any company will not try to advertise to a market that will draw profit?

Do these same half-wits complain that Toys R’Us unfairly “targets” kids? What about the local party supply company or the local bowling alley trying to drum up business in children’s parties? Of course not. It is because these nonsensical parental losers fail to use their brain. Here is a thought for you: don’t take your kid to fucking McDonalds if you do not want them to eat it. But don’t ruin it for the rest of us responsible parents who actually can parent our children without the San Francisco City Council doing it for us.

The difference is that fast food is widely and stupidly viewed as harmful.

Fast Food is not harmful.  There is a big difference between saying “an individual item is harmful” and “Happy Meals are harmful.” First of all anyone who has actually been to McDonalds knows you can get healthy alternatives such as apples with a Happy Meal.

But that is beside the point. “McDonalds” is not harmful nor is “McDonalds” unhealthy for children. Certain items are unhealthy but plenty are not. And if you cannot get your kids to eat apples or grilled chicken or vegetables then that is your problem not mine.

To say that “McDonalds” or any other fast food entity is harmful is to say that each and every item is harmful. And that is not true. And once it is not true it is a matter of parental choice and influence as to what a kid eats. So if you cannot get your kid to eat healthy then it is your fault and no one else’s.

The point here is that some parents need saving from themselves. They are not fit to be parents. They cannot tell their children “no.” Apparently they cannot even prevent themselves from driving their children to McDonalds. The last time I checked no kids can get to McDonalds and buy a Happy Meal by themselves. My six-year-old is pretty damn enterprising but she cannot take my wallet, get in the car and drive to McDonalds herself.

Abdication of parental responsibility is sickening in the country and parents that simply refuse to do what is needed should not be parents. So do your kid a service; if you support this ban then give your kid up to an agency or another parent that is actually up to the challenge of raising children because you clearly are not. More on that in the next post.

 I take my daughter to McDonalds every week, let her get a Happy Meal and will continue to do so and I hope those of you who are actually good parents will do the same.

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