…….said the headline at, and of course my curiosity was piqued. The article was a harbinger of doom in an all-out war for the future of female pulchritude, and no less than Armageddon may need to be declared. The good guys are losing.

Christina Hendricks is apparently going on a diet.

Yes, this is doom for those of us that think female beauty is not defined by Halloween skeletons with bones sticking out of their skin. We were making progress. Ms. Hendricks, all 39-30-39 of her, was the first wave of victory, the first step to winning a battle that is being fought on many fronts.

One that we were winning.

Esquire named her the “hottest” woman in the world. Nations are banning anorexic skeletal models from walking the runways. There is a legitimate debate for the first time in years about the disgusting, horrible torture that fashion models must undergo in order to ply their trade. Curvier women are speaking out and turning the tables. Celebrities openly speak out about the benefits of being “curvy.”

Yet we may be at a dead end; that the hard work has been for naught.

Were Ms. Hendricks dieting because she wanted to feel better physically or had some health issue we would have some argument against her but not a strong one. But that is not the case.

–She is said to be “tired” or being called “curvy” since in Hollywood-ese that means “fat.”

–She wants to fit in with other “svelte starlets.”

–And there are tiny whispers that certain bigoted (my words not anyone else’s) designers did not want to dress her for awards, presumably because she did not conform to their horribly warped ideas about female beauty, by which I mean their dresses, designed for 12-year-old-boys’ bodies would not fit a woman of true beauty like Ms. Hendricks.

And that, my friends, is where the Misanthrope has a huge problem. As we have written before, we are sick and tried of the “Militantly Skinny” crowd that seeks to pervert our daughters with disgraceful ideas about female beauty.

It is not the fact that she is dieting. It is the idea behind it. It is the diseased thinking that the Misanthrope despises. We are not opposed to skinny women. We are opposed to those that think that being an emaciated bag of bones is a good in and of itself. And if you think that these people do not exist think again.

It was not that long ago that being skinny was viewed as undesirable. The history of music and art reflects the preferences of beauty and sexuality and it is easy to see. Just in the case of my own personal favorite music, the Blues, there are dozens of songs that extol the virtues of larger women as opposed to the thin. Many of them are very ribald in that respect and use all sorts of euphemisms to hide the overt sexuality that was considered unacceptable by mainstream society, but the import or their message is abundantly clear.

The popular cultural perversion of the 1960’s and 1970’s changed what was acceptable from the time of the Renaissance. And we see this perverted, twisted, crippled idea of female beauty to this day.

It is sad to say that it reaches many stars; the peer pressure and diseased thinking affects those that want to work in their chosen field. So we have many casualties in the war: Kate Winslet, Jennifer Hudson, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Connelly and so on. Once beautiful women ruin themselves at the altar of warped thinking and the diseased minds of contemporary Hollywood and fashion.

Soon this fate may befall Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johannson and Beyonce Knowles. It has befallen Christina Hendricks.

Soon enough we will see the magazine covers “Christina Hendricks looks great from celebrity diet!” “Christina Hendricks loses 20 pounds and so can you!” We will see a picture of her looking wan, thin, emaciated and decidedly non-voluptuous.

And while many will say what a great thing this is, somewhere lovers of true beauty will weep, and my two young daughters, one of whom was helpfully told “You’re fat” when she is below the 50th percentile of weight and is only seven years old, will get another hard lesson about the world.


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