Happy Meals and Parental Responsibility

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This week I came across the following story. Yes there are people who think that McDonalds and other companies unfairly “target” children. There are so many moronic problems with this ridiculous statement that it boggles the mind. Of course, whenever parents get a chance to blame their kids’ problems on someone other than themselves they will jump at the chance. So many parents that I know do exactly this and they are truly undeserving to raise children. Continue reading


Get Your Children Vaccinated. Please?

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Are you willing to put your child’s health at risk because of your own ignorance of science? When asked this way, of course you will say “no!” But what if I asked “is it safe to have you children vaccinated?” How many people say “no” then? Far too many and it is a shame. These anti-vaccination stalwarts, led by the vacuous Jenny McCarthy, are letting ignorance and hysteria put their children at risk. And, unbelievably, one in four people believe this tripe. Continue reading

Have Aliens Visited the Earth

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Roswell. Area 51. Crop Circles. Cattle mutilations. The cast of Jersey Shore. We are fascinated with the idea that aliens have visited the earth. One-third of Americans believe we have been visited by aliens. One-third! Yes, there are that many stupid people out there. But rest assured the idea of alien visitation is pure bullshit.

Recently there was a story about a mysterious light in China that many believed was a visitation of aliens. We all have heard these stories and many believe them, even some people that believe they are of above-average intelligence. Believing that aliens have visited the earth is ridiculous. Continue reading

Female Priests are the Equivalent of Child Abusers? Welcome to Today’s Church

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What is wrong with the Catholic Church? The Holy See has said that ordaining women as priests is a grave crime, putting it in the same category as sexual abuse of children and heresy. Well, I guess we will have women priests shortly, as the pope basically allowed sexual abuse to go unpunished. Perhaps we will see a mass ordination of female priests and have a big cover-up, as the Church has shown little to no compunction over the abuse of minors.

If you are a Catholic and are against the ordination of women, then answer this question: why is it acceptable for women to be saints but not priests? Women are important enough to be canonized and recognized as saints, but they cannot say a Mass?

This pope has been such a disgrace, and has given the Church an even blacker eye than it already had, if such a thing was possible. Continue reading

LeBron James and ESPN’s “The Decision”

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LeBron James is exactly the type of person this blog is all about: the person that is so starved to gain attention that he or she will literally do almost anything to get someone to notice him or her. We, as a species, are so starved for attention and the envy of others that it is a sickening flaw. The difference is that very few have the platform that LeBron has.

When you show off your Tag Heuer or Rolex or your thousand-dollar clothes no one cares but you, no matter what you might think. You drive down the street in your expensive car and get the pity of any sane person, who will think “what moron spends 75,000 on a fucking car?” You are bullshitting yourself that you are better than others because of material wealth. But at least you do not have an hour-long ESPN special on your latest car purchase. Continue reading

Golf Cheaters

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Why do people cheat at golf? One would think that if you are just a “weekend” golfer there would be no reason to cheat. You are not playing for anything and, in theory, are only cheating yourself.

But as we often discuss on this blog, the reason why people cheat is that they want to steal self-esteem from others. It is to make themselves feel better about themselves by making you feel a little worse, as if it is a zero-sum game.

Now if you are a player who is merely learning or are a beginner then feel free to cheat a bit, if it means moving your ball to a better lie or something. I have no problem with that. But what I object to are those who have the gall to cheat and then brag about their score. By bragging to me they are saying essentially that they are better than you. And as bad as that is, at least if you actually accomplished what you are bragging about it can be forgiven. But when you did it by knowingly cheating then you end up as my target here. Continue reading

Abusive Customers

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Could not have said it better myself: