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Bad parenting causes kids to be diagnosed with disorders?

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This weekend my brother-in-law told me about the psychological diagnosis of ODD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Naturally I presumed he was joking but sure enough he was serious. It is when children don’t do what they are told.

One might use this diagnosis as the butt of a joke and if you do more power to you. People allow Psychiatry as a practice to invent a bullshit disorder or six in order to make themselves feel better about being unfit parents. And if there is one thing this blog is about it is destroying the myths and bullshit that we use to make ourselves feel better about being failures at the expense of others. Continue reading


Happy Meals and Parental Responsibility

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This week I came across the following story. Yes there are people who think that McDonalds and other companies unfairly “target” children. There are so many moronic problems with this ridiculous statement that it boggles the mind. Of course, whenever parents get a chance to blame their kids’ problems on someone other than themselves they will jump at the chance. So many parents that I know do exactly this and they are truly undeserving to raise children. Continue reading