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Bad parenting causes kids to be diagnosed with disorders?

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This weekend my brother-in-law told me about the psychological diagnosis of ODD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Naturally I presumed he was joking but sure enough he was serious. It is when children don’t do what they are told.

One might use this diagnosis as the butt of a joke and if you do more power to you. People allow Psychiatry as a practice to invent a bullshit disorder or six in order to make themselves feel better about being unfit parents. And if there is one thing this blog is about it is destroying the myths and bullshit that we use to make ourselves feel better about being failures at the expense of others. Continue reading


Dr. Oz, Oprah and Medical Quackery

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Charlatans can come in many disguises, but all of them are motivated by one thing: disrespect for their fellow man and a love of the almighty dollar. Psychics, dowsers, mind readers are all well known con men, but even so-called men of science like medical doctors can be charlatans, trying only to make a gaudy living off the sweat and fear of other humans.

So this week I am going to take on a specific person rather than a class of people, and the target is Dr. Mehmet Oz who has been in the news recently. Almost every day I see an advertisement for this quack on various websites. He must be planning a new book of pseudo-scientific flim-flam. Oprah loves this guy, having him come on her so-called show often and now bank-rolling his own show. So, for those who deny that TV can rot your mind, consider that a rejoinder. Continue reading