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Waging War Against Life’s Daily Battles

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Some times you just get the shit beaten out of you.

Every day, every hour, no matter what you do, no matter your outlook, no matter whether you believe in God. No matter how hard you fight, claw or pray. None of it matters. No one is immune from the vagaries of this cesspool of corruption, pain and misery in which we live.

I see misery and unhappiness everywhere; train stations, work, people walking down the street. All struggling, clawing for whatever little scraps this world is willing to bestow on them, as if it is imparting a gift of a few moments of relief from the world. You see it too, but perhaps you choose not to recognize it; to give it the full faith and recognition it warrants.

Home life? Work? Travelling or commuting? Dealing with the constant battles of life? They beat us up. Everyday. No matter who you deal with, life is a constant battle for scraps: money, time, happiness, relief, the upper hand, the moral high ground, the passive aggression that many are so fond of. We fight over little green pieces of paper, crush our fellow man in favor of a dollar, or a promotion. Continue reading


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…….said the headline at, and of course my curiosity was piqued. The article was a harbinger of doom in an all-out war for the future of female pulchritude, and no less than Armageddon may need to be declared. The good guys are losing.

Christina Hendricks is apparently going on a diet. Continue reading

Militantly Skinny Women

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Are you one of these women that tries her darndest to be a size 4? Do you eschew real food for a diet that would make a rabbit jealous? Congratulations; I am sure you are healthy fit and trim. But let’s not confuse that with sexy, because you aren’t. At least not to most men. And I bet that you think you are, judging other women harshly and telling your clique of friends how hot you are, as if your mental acuity never got beyond high school. And let’s face it, it probably hasn’t.

I have a six-year-old who has already been confronted with this in her school. I live in a relatively well-to-do area where there are lots of these plastic, skinny, snotty, high-maintenance types, and I am willing to bet that their daughters are the ones trying to co-opt mine. I am sick and tired of it. Continue reading

Che Guevara T-Shirts?

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Am I a curmudgeon? Maybe. As I get on in years and am in the full throes of middle age, I find that other people are starting to really bug me. Well, not quite bug.  Actually, I am starting to despise a lot of people. I don’t mean specific people, though there are plenty of those that disgust me. No, I mean certain archetypes or classes of people.

There are a few blogs out there that want to be inspirational. They tell you how awesome life is. They extol the virtues of rainbows and clouds, puppies, and feeling sand on your feet. Ugh, they make me sick. Rainbows are preceded by rain, clouds cause bad weather, puppies crap all over the place and sand gets in your damn shoes causing you to get those lovely little blisters. There is nothing so awesome in life that we cannot soil by pointing out the downside.

And it is to this misanthropy that this blog is dedicated. It is dedicated to pointing out those people that we all love to hate or at least that we should, and to dousing all those happy thoughts with a healthy dose of realism and skepticism. To making everyone else as sick and tired of their fellow man as I am. If you are a fellow misanthrope, then you probably know full well about the special type of moron that is the subject of our first column. Continue reading