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Our Favorite (Sad and Misanthropic) Blues Albums

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Is it surprising that a guy who calls himself a Misanthrope would love the Blues?

There is simply no richer, more meaningful music out there. The Blues not only gave birth to virtually every type of modern music, it gave us the most gifted musicians that ever lived. No genre of music has ever captured the despair and pain of human self-consciousness and it is depressing to think that most people are not even aware of the Blues and its place in the firmament of music history.

Do a Google search of the saddest songs and you will find a laughable plethora of so-called sad songs that exhibit very little actual, first-hand knowledge of the subjects on which the songs are based. Truly pathetic; no, people Nickelback, Mariah Carey, Ashlee Simpson (!) and Celine Dion may very well be “sad” but not in the way you think (and all of these came from lists I saw).

Not so with the Blues. The Blues came from slaves and sharecroppers, and those whose general experience was with a segregated, hateful society that killed, maimed, murdered and jailed people based purely on the color of their skin. And the songs reflect every bit of that pain, humiliation, desolateness and loneliness. Continue reading


Waging War Against Life’s Daily Battles

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Some times you just get the shit beaten out of you.

Every day, every hour, no matter what you do, no matter your outlook, no matter whether you believe in God. No matter how hard you fight, claw or pray. None of it matters. No one is immune from the vagaries of this cesspool of corruption, pain and misery in which we live.

I see misery and unhappiness everywhere; train stations, work, people walking down the street. All struggling, clawing for whatever little scraps this world is willing to bestow on them, as if it is imparting a gift of a few moments of relief from the world. You see it too, but perhaps you choose not to recognize it; to give it the full faith and recognition it warrants.

Home life? Work? Travelling or commuting? Dealing with the constant battles of life? They beat us up. Everyday. No matter who you deal with, life is a constant battle for scraps: money, time, happiness, relief, the upper hand, the moral high ground, the passive aggression that many are so fond of. We fight over little green pieces of paper, crush our fellow man in favor of a dollar, or a promotion. Continue reading