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Waging War Against Life’s Daily Battles

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Some times you just get the shit beaten out of you.

Every day, every hour, no matter what you do, no matter your outlook, no matter whether you believe in God. No matter how hard you fight, claw or pray. None of it matters. No one is immune from the vagaries of this cesspool of corruption, pain and misery in which we live.

I see misery and unhappiness everywhere; train stations, work, people walking down the street. All struggling, clawing for whatever little scraps this world is willing to bestow on them, as if it is imparting a gift of a few moments of relief from the world. You see it too, but perhaps you choose not to recognize it; to give it the full faith and recognition it warrants.

Home life? Work? Travelling or commuting? Dealing with the constant battles of life? They beat us up. Everyday. No matter who you deal with, life is a constant battle for scraps: money, time, happiness, relief, the upper hand, the moral high ground, the passive aggression that many are so fond of. We fight over little green pieces of paper, crush our fellow man in favor of a dollar, or a promotion. Continue reading


Religious Hate and the Westboro Baptist Church

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Why is it that so many religions foment hate? I sure wish I knew, but that this statement is true is a sad fact of life.

We are not anti “religious people” in general in this blog. We are anti-hypocrites in this blog. We are against the church as an institution, not against its individual true followers and believers. Many people that claim to be religious fall squarely into the rubric of “hypocrites.” But many do not. So we attack only those people who are hypocrites, those who use religion as a sword when it is to their benefit but ignore it when convenient and those who try and cheat the very God they claim to worship. You know who you and they are.

But sometimes we have to spew our vitriol at not just an institution but at the people who comprise that institution. Every single one of them. And the Westboro Baptist Church is a prime example. Continue reading